MAYbe Spring is Here?

After a beautiful morning working in the sun, I am now inside awaiting the next winter storm. It is May 20th, and waking up to snow in May is not uncommon. Regardless of how many beautiful, warm, dry days we experience in May, the unavoidable always occurs here in...

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So You Want to Start a Mountain Garden

What a winter!  While the snow is still falling,  now is the time to start thinking about creating your own personal mountain garden! The thought of growing anything in our unique environment can seem taxing for everyone, from the seasoned professional, to the dabbler...

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Falling for Summit

The mountains of Summit County called me 12 years ago. An uninspired college dropout, I determined the cost-to-benefit ratio of living in Boulder and trekking up I-70 multiple times weekly to snowboard made no sense. The opportunity to leave one life on the Front...

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Lets Start Something Beautiful