One of the things I love about Horticulture  is that every season is unique and constantly changing.  I am consistently in awe every Spring as I watch for tree buds to wake up and the first signs of life coming from the ground.  As the Summer continues I am able to view the various focal plants taking turns and enjoying the spotlight.  Spending time in your gardens allows me a different experience every month as the seasons change.
Another aspect that changes from year to year is our particular Rocky Mountain weather.  Heavy May snow falls can confuse and stress plants that have already awaken.  Dry, drought conditions, and water restrictions can limit our plant pallets.  It is challenging, yet rewarding to experiment and create gardens for our growing conditions.  I am also committed to focusing on sustainable practices and mindful of climate changes.
From Spring to Fall I chose some of my favorite images from this season.  Can you spot your garden?  Enjoy!