Creating a beautiful garden in the Colorado Rockies is challenging due to a very dry, short, growing season, and low temperatures.

At Mountain Roots, we strive to create and care for unique, natural, and sustainable high- altitude perennial and annual gardens in Summit County.

We have a passion to ensure that the plants, products, and practices we use have minimal effects on the environment. We want a greener and safer future for generations to come.


Plant selection, placement, and care are critical when designing a landscape or garden to improve, not hinder, the future of our en- vironment.


• Often misinterpreted, Xeriscapes can in fact be beautiful, colorful, mountain gardens.
• Improving the soil, grouping plants with similar water needs, and a good maintenance plan are just a few of the principles in creating a mountain Xeriscape.


• We use only organic fertilizers and manual maintenance in the garden.
• Pest and disease identification and control based on best management practices and the use of defensive bugs and plants.
• Use of gas and power tools is limited.


• Annual containers add immediate, season- long color and interest to your garden, home, or property.
• Also ask about our ‘Mini-Mountain Gardens’ – Handmade, hypertufa troughs planted with hardy, low-maintenance plants add the perfect touch.


• Whether you need help choosing a plant, finding a plant, or just getting it in the ground, we can help!
• While harvests aren’t always so abundant, vegetable growing in the mountains can introduce healthy, organic produce to your family and friends.


• It is easy to get distracted in winter by our great friend snow. With a beautiful interior greenscape you can enjoy Horticulture all year round.
• Improve the look, air quality, and mood of your home or business with the creation of an indoor garden.
• It’s even possible to grow veggies inside all year with the right equipment.


Botanically improving the character
of your home or business

• Home or business interior greenscapes
• Houseplant design, installation, and maintenance
• Fresh cut arrangements weekly, biweekly, or monthly
• Special occasion plant decor including weddings, parties, and holidays
• Outdoor summer enhancements



An owner with gardening roots

A Colorado native, Mountain Roots owner Alyse Piburn comes from a long line of green thumbs. From the farms of Iowa of her great-grandparents, to the Boulder and Longmont residential gardens of her grandmothers, and finally, the small A-frame cabin outside of Rocky Mountain National Park where a passion began with her mother for mountain gardening.

Alyse returned to school where she received an Associates Degree in Horticulture in Fort Collins, Colorado. Her passion has focused on creating beautiful mountain gardens while considering the effects of her efforts on the future. Natural maintenance practices, and sustainability are extremely important to her. She also believes in giving back to the community where she feels so blessed to live.

Mountain Roots values are to:

• Respect and trust nature first and foremost, doing our best to mimic Mother Nature, and disturb her as little as possible.
• Contribute to the community by educating others and giving back to nature.
• Support local businesses and growers.
• Embrace new, diverse, opinions and ideas.


Our value-add:

• You can relax. We use proven principles to create low-maintenance gardens. Leave the care and cultivation of the plants and soil to the experts at Mountain Roots so you can enjoy your garden while visiting your vacation home or resting after a busy work week.
• You can upgrade the look of your business or home you are trying to sell. The special- ized containers and pots offered by Mountain Roots are unique and planted for your specific situation. Also inquire about our interior greenscapes, which will enhance your environment all year long.
• You become “greener.” We value conser- vation of resources and consider “green” concepts in everything we do for our home owner and business customers. Mountain Roots would love to put the finishing touches on a project with perennial and annual plantings along with a customized mainten- ance plan.


At Mountain Roots we encourage the passion of
gardening in the mountains. If you have a question
regarding a plant or practice and the effect on the
environment, please call or email us!

If you need to schedule an appointment to discuss a
design, project, or maintenance plan, please email or
call during normal business hours.