Garden Design, Install & Maintenance

Creating a beautiful garden in the Colorado Rockies is challenging due to a very dry, short, growing season, and low temperatures. At Mountain Roots, we strive to create and care for unique, natural, and sustainable high- altitude perennial and annual gardens in Summit County. We have a passion to ensure that the plants, products, and practices we use have minimal effects on the environment. We want a greener and safer future for generations to come.

Design & Install


  • 2-D Image Design photo
  • Plant Palette with recommended plant varieties
  • Maintenance recommendations including soils, fertilizes, or special tips
  • Great for new smaller areas, remodeled beds, or additions to existing areas.


  • Site consultation
  • Full Landscape layout plan and details (Conceptual, Preliminary, and Master Plan recommended)
  • Planting Palette and Plans including maintenance recommendations
  • 2D and 3D images available


After your design is complete, we will help coordinate the installation process


Each Maintenance Plan is created to meet your property’s specific requirements, and your personal requests. 

Full Landscape

  • Spring and Fall cleanups
  • Weekly, biweekly, or monthly visits
  • Mowing, trimming, pruning, weed control
  • Planting of annuals, perennials, small trees and shrubs
  • Container and bed fertilizing, deadheading, staking, etc…
  • Soil amending with locally made compost

Garden Only

  • Focus your budget on creating and caring for colorful garden beds and let the natural area stay natural!  Works great in our mountain environment.
  • Spring and fall cleanups including cutbacks and debris removal in beds
  • Weekly, biweekly, or monthly visits
  • Container and Vegetable gardens
  • Bed fill in- after evaluating your beds we make recommendations for adding seeds, perennials, annuals, bulbs, trees, and shrubs. 
  • Fertilizing, deadheading, staking, etc…
  • Soil amending with locally made compost


  • Biweekly mowing schedule May 25 – August 30
  • 8 Total Mows per season
  • Spring Cleanup in May or June- Raking of lawn to aerate and remove old, dead grass and debris, light pruning, hand weeding of noxious weeds
  • Noxious weed treatment in Lawn
  • Fall Cleanup in October- Weed removal, light pruning, weeding, leaf and debris removal
  • Compost amendment of beds and lawn for nutrients and organic feeding

Lets Start Something Beautiful