Summit County is a wonderful community blended with Colorado natives, transplants from around the world, and numerous second homeowners and visitors daily.  As a landscape contractor in the high country, we typically begin by educating our clients about the specific plants and practices of our unique growing environment.   Attempting to provide local options similar to your East Coast or Midwest gardens begins with a few key points. Here are 3 tips for Summit Couny second homeowners when planning your garden and landscape programs.
Choose the Right Plants for your Summit County Visit
When deciding what plants to buy for your Summit County garden or landscape make sure you are shopping for zone 3-4.  Also, think about what months you typically visit.  If you are a full time resident, or second homeowner visiting May-November that is what I would consider a full season Summit County garden.  Combine season round interest from early Spring through late Fall.  If you are a second homeowner spending only July and August in town, you still have plenty of options, but focus on July and August bloomers.
Shop Local
When shopping for annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, vegetables starts, houseplants and seeds your best bet is a Summit County local nursery. You will find better quality, Colorado grown and Summit County tested options. It is worth it to pay a little more to support these local businesses. Often the plants at big box stores like Wal-Mart and Lowes are not chosen for Summit County specifically and can be lower quality. I recommend Alpine Earth Center in Silverthorne, and Mountain Grown Gardens in Alma.
Choose an Experienced Contractor
Finding the right contractor for your specific project can sometimes be a struggle in a small community. The Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado is an organization that ensures contractors are properly trained, educated, and licensed for work with high standards of quality. Follow the link to to begin your search for your specific project.
Plan Ahead!
The Summer season in Summit County is short and rushed. The end of June is often a struggle for contractors to fit in new projects and take on new clients preparing for the 4th of July rush of visitors. August, September, and October is a great time to start thinking AHEAD of the game for next season. Mountain Roots is currently offering:
-10% off New Garden Build- Be Ready to Plant!
(vegetable or ornamental flower gardens)
-10% off 10 hour or more fall cleanup
(less cleanup in the Spring and more time for other projects)
-10% off Garden and Landscape Design
(Autocad, image rendering, and 3D images)
At Mountain Roots we are always open to sharing best practices and tips for growing high altitude flowers, vegetables, and plants. Please contact today for a consultation, and continue following us on Facebook and for high altitude specific gardening tips.
Happy Growing!