The summer season is in full bloom here at Mountain Roots! We have been very busy cleaning up your properties and planting time has finally arrived!  Your continued support to my small business inspires me to support some of our great local non-profits in the area. 10% of all of Mountain Roots’ sales will be given to four local non-profits this fall.   I have asked the crew to help me choose an organization that they are passionate about to give back to.
Hannah Gartner
My first experience with gardening was as a small child working with my mom in her garden. She helped me set up my own small flower garden and I helped her care for the vegetables. I began growing plants again in my twenties. Although I didn’t have a yard I grew vegetables and herbs in pots and began trying my hand at germination. My home is now filled with potted plants, and I have plans in the works to install a raised bed for vegetables, and flower garden in my yard. I have much to learn but working with Mountain Roots has already taught me a lot. I am so excited to expand my knowledge and skill and be able to apply it to make your home as beautiful as it can be!
Part of the reason I love gardening so much is that it gets me outside. My other favorite pastimes have this in common. On the weekends I love to go camping and rock climbing, and when I need to rest I love painting, especially still-lifes of plants and landscapes. My favorite flower has always the tiny Myositis, more commonly known as the Forget-Me-Not. I have never painted it, but would love to soon. The High Country Conservation Center is a local non-profit that cares for this nature I love so much, and is a great space to give back to.


Victoria Salinas
Gardening has become a huge part of my life and it is one of my true passions.  I feel like I learn something new through each experience. Watching a seed grow into a beautiful plant is a constant reminder to celebrate life every day. Gardening with my
nephews is probably one of my favorite memories. I can still remember the smiles on their faces as we harvested carrots and laughing at the ones that had grown around each other. They loved learning about how to grow their own vegetables at a very young age. There was never a problem with getting them to taste new food because they were always so adamant on trying all of the vegetables that were grown in the garden.
I see myself being a gardener until I am no longer physically capable to do the work.  After that I hope to have a company like Mountain Roots or even my nephews do it for me. Along with having my own garden and working with Mountain Roots, I am also an intern for the Grow to Share program through high country conservation. I am in charge of multiple plots in the Breckenridge green houses and I coordinate with other gardeners to donate their extra vegetables to FIRC, WIC, and the food bank. We are trying to improve the availability of locally grown food to everyone in our mountain community. This summer I will learn so much by working with Mountain Roots on native flowers, soil, and growing conditions that should improve my gardens in the future.
Although I support many local non-profits, my portion of Mountain Roots sales will go to Hispanola Health Partners, to improve health care services to low resource communities in Haiti in partnership with local communitygroups and existing healthcare structures. Hispanola Health Partners was founded by a Frisco friend Phil Wolf.

Kevin Jones
When it comes to turf or pests I am your guy! My first experiences in Horticulture were in Iowa where I majored in Exercise Science and Minored in Horticulture and Turf Management at Iowa State University in 2002. I spent time working at the Iowa State University Research Farm as well as managing the turf for the Schamburg Flyers Baseball Team.
In 2006 I moved to Summit County managing and working in several local restaurants. This is my second summer with Mountain Roots and I love to spend my days outside improving the look of your home. I would have to consider Tall Fescue Grass as one of my favorite plants at the moment.This November I look forward to welcoming my first daughter with my girlfriend Randi. The FIRC- Family and Intercultural Resource Center- is a great resource for new dads and families and I would like to thank them with a donation from Mountain Roots.

Thanks again for all of your continued support and kind referrals. Along with the Family and Intercultural Resource Center, High Country Conservation Center, and Hispanola Health Partners, the non-profit I will be supporting this year is the Summit County Advocates of Victims of Assault.
Thanks again and Happy Growing!