Living in Summit County is truly an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. Various activities throughout the year keep the community active and the tourism profitable. Locals and businesses can thrive on the income from skiers’ winter visitors. With the Scientific Proven research of Climate Change, increasing temperatures, and harsher storms, it is just a matter of time before these activities have a shorter or non-existent season.
I like to place people in three different groups when it comes to Climate Change and believing in Sustainable practices. Some people do not believe the scientific research that Climate Change exists. Some people believe that it is happening, inevitable, and that there is nothing we can do. Some people drastically dedicate their lives and change their habits to do their part to reverse what has already occurred.
Mountain Roots is firmly planted in the third category, building its business model and passions around using Sustainable Practices for the future. But we understand it’s hard to conform in every way. We also understand that the damage that has already occurred cannot be reversed, but we can change a few simple things in our own lives to slow the decline. I personally want my children and grandchildren to experience snowboarding and skiing. If we want to continue participating in the enjoyable winter activities of Summit County for as long as possible, we need to start contributing to a better future for our County.
Believe and Invest in Renewable Energy
– Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort uses Solar and Wind to Power Resort
– Use what Renewable Source you have the best access too!
– Breckenridge recently commits to being 100% Renewable by 2035
– Frisco and Summit County are currently working on a commitment
– Follow 100% Renewable Summit County on Facebook
– Go to a Town Hall Meeting
Take advantage of our great Transportation Options
– Breckenridge first Mountain Town to purchase an Electric Bus
– Summit Stage County Buses also investing in Electric Buses
– CARPOOL if you have to drive to the Hill to Ski
– Arapahoe Basin offers discounted lift tickets if you carpool or ride the Summit Stage to the Hill
Support Local Businesses that Believe in Climate Change and preserving our County
Recycle! There are pick-up options and free drop-off spots around the county
Grow your own food!

– Often a misconception, there are many crops and foods that enjoy our colder climate and short growing season.
– Check links below for tips for starting your garden and a list of vegetables to grow in Summit County
– Supplement your vegetable intake by choosing and growing a few varieties to start- Don’t be overwhelmed
– Join a Community Garden if you don’t have the knowledge or space to grow at home. Sign up here
– Start your own CSA (Community Shared Agricultural) style gardens with your neighbors or friends. Share the space, the cost, the work, and the harvests.
– Follow the Blog for tips for your own CSA style garden
– Garden Prep and Planting
– Feeding, Weeding, and Maintenance Tips
– Harvest tips and recipes
– Garden Winterization
Season pass holders and tourists with day tickets to ski resorts might soon have a much shorter season and window to enjoy these activities. Revenue by local businesses will decrease and winter jobs will decline. Fire danger and drought conditions threaten wildlife and entire communities. Please consider making a small change in your own life to help preserve these winter activities for future generations.