One of my favorite things about nature and horticulture is the change from year to year. This past season, we warmly welcomed more rainfall and moisture than we had seen in years. Not only were the drought stressed areas of the mountains given a chance to recover, but we also accepted the clean, easy to breathe air all summer as wildfires slowed down around us.

You may have noticed certain flowers and plants thrive more with the moisture, as well as a decrease in performance from the low water plants we have strongly relied on for the past several dry seasons.  While the increase in moisture was wonderful, we need to continue to work towards low water, sustainable landscapes and gardens for the future.

I also welcomed new plant varieties and a longer growing season at a slightly lower elevation and variable climate in Eagle County. Prolific Lilac bushes in Spring, ever blooming Roses, and focal Maple trees where abundant in my new neighborhood, just to name a few. Take a look back at some of our favorite images and blooms from the 2022 season. Can you spot your garden?