Plant lovers and gardeners are relatively easy to please with gifts.  More often than not, receiving a new plant for our home or garden is all it takes to charm a green thumb.  Nonetheless as space runs out or significant others cut us off from adding to our collection, friends and family may need to get a little creative when receiving us in the family secret Santa gift exchange.

Now more than ever local small businesses need our support.  As the holidays approach and Christmas wish lists are filled, what better time to show appreciation to our friends and community members working nonstop to survive the pandemic.  Today we share our Garden Lovers Holiday Gift Guide, Summit County edition.

Below are our recommendations for gifts to use in the garden, influence in the garden, and wear in the garden.  If you don’t live in Summit County, inspiration can still be found and applied in your own community.

The 2 most essential hand tools I use in my garden are a hand trowel for weeding, and hand pruners for deadheading, pruning, cutbacks and more.  These tools are imperative in your home garden, and will please any home gardener.

Every garden is unique and personable to the curator.  Bird feeders, wind chimes, gnomes and other knick knacks bring an extra level of uniqueness.

Seeds for next season are always appreciative.  Starting the collection earlier than later will help with motivation, planning, and ensure you are ahead of the game.  Great for stocking stuffers!

Books are great resources for garden inspiration.  Topics such as local wildflower identification, garden design, vegetable gardening, houseplant care and more are a great offering to a plant lover.

Gardening can be physical and tough on your wardrobe.  Finding comfortable and durable outfits that can handle a little dirt can be difficult. New work gloves, waterproof boots or shoes, dependable leggings or pants, and flexible layers on top are essential for a mountain gardener.

Locally in Summit County I recommend Garden of Eden, or Alpine Gardens for your tools, knick-knacks, seeds, work gloves and plants.  Bonus store Minimal Impact inside Alpine Gardens with zero waste products and tools for the sustainability lover of the family.

Check out Next Page Bookstorein Frisco for books, locally made cards and gifts, and coffee/tea bar. Not seeing the title you are looking for?  They will order for you!

For mountain and garden tough apparel and shoes, check out Rivers Clothing in Frisco, and eco-friendly consignment store The Clothing Cooperative in Breckenridge.

I hope we take many new approaches to life after 2020, supporting local businesses as opposed to Amazon and big box stores should be a practice that stays with us permanently.